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Anonymous thank u Anonymous.

  • Few stood up for what was right for us kids.

  • I was sent to Arthur Brisbane 1986 till 1995 I was mentally physically sexually emotionally abuse by male staff in female staff I was six's years old when I first got restrained and one of the female staff named Kiko Gilmore was bending my foot until it broke when I will get upset the staff was string me and put knees in my back and it would hurt I will cry and see your hurt and I will also stay I couldn't breathe and they will say if you can talk you can breathe I have witness one of the staff restrain a female patient and she was hollering and screaming saying you're hurting my arm and I could remember the sound of her arm cracking because I'm always broke they will cover up a lot of incidents of abuse because the staff will take up for each other we were placed there because we had behavior problems not necessarily mental health problems but the state didn't care as long as they were getting paid he didn't care what was going on why we were placed there I remember being sexually abuse by one of the male staff and when I told I was harassed buy a officer they came to investigate as I grew up I didn't understand why was there police officer being so mean to me and why I didn't have no adult around when I being interrogated interrogated and asking questions I have also witness the staff being mean to a deaf girl there and I couldn't understand that I really don't understand why did they had me three so long I would act up because the staff didn't care about us they was only there for a pay check I still don't understand why child protective services didn't do any about so many other children there being abuse is so much other things and so many names that I can call out but I'm not because they know who they are ik every female and male staff names that were there and I hope to God that they pay for what they done to me and others if any one else was there at the time I was there please feel free to call me 6099923128 my name is shatia boxley What is boxley I remember you well, and Carmella white I believe she had some sort of burn marking on her skin, tyeisha Harper, Batina Drew and so many others I remember.