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  • 2 Chronicles 6:11 (eng-GNTD)

    11I have placed in the Temple the Covenant Box, which contains the stone tablets of the covenant which the Lord made with the people of Israel.”

  • Deuteronomy 29:14 (eng-GNTD)

    14You are not the only ones with whom the Lord is making this covenant with its obligations.

  • Genesis 9:13 (eng-GNTD)

    13I am putting my bow in the clouds. It will be the sign of my covenant with the world.

  • Genesis 9:16 (eng-GNTD)

    16When the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between me and all living beings on earth.

  • Genesis 17:9 (eng-GNTD)

    9God said to Abraham, “You also must agree to keep the covenant with me, both you and your descendants in future generations.

  • Genesis 17:13 (eng-GNTD)

    13Each one must be circumcised, and this will be a physical sign to show that my covenant with you is everlasting.

  • Genesis 17:14 (eng-GNTD)

    14Any male who has not been circumcised will no longer be considered one of my people, because he has not kept the covenant with me.”

  • Genesis 17:21 (eng-GNTD)

    21But I will keep my covenant with your son Isaac, who will be born to Sarah about this time next year.”

  • Hebrews 9:1 (eng-GNTD)

    Earthly and Heavenly Worship 1The first covenant had rules for worship and a place made for worship as well.

  • Hosea 6:7 (eng-GNTD)

    7“But as soon as they entered the land at Adam, they broke the covenant I had made with them.

  • Isaiah 24:5 (eng-GNTD)

    5The people have defiled the earth by breaking God's laws and by violating the covenant he made to last forever.

  • Leviticus 2:13 (eng-GNTD)

    13Put salt on every grain offering, because salt represents the covenant between you and God. (You must put salt on all your offerings.)

  • Leviticus 26:15 (eng-GNTD)

    15If you refuse to obey my laws and commands and break the covenant I have made with you,

  • Numbers 25:12 (eng-GNTD)

    12So tell him that I am making a covenant with him that is valid for all time to come.

  • Psalm 74:20 (eng-GNTD)

    20Remember the covenant you made with us. There is violence in every dark corner of the land.